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The EFT Centre Difference

The EFT Centre offers a structured training path for personal and professional development. As experienced therapists and trainers we understand that EFT works best when it is set within the context of sound therapeutic and communication skills – that is why we offer a full Diploma Training in Integrated Energy Techniques (IET) and include key elements of this to enhance your EFT training at Levels 1, 2 and 3. All our trainings are personally delivered by Sue Beer and Emma Roberts. 

Once you have completed a level you are welcome to revisit it once for free at any point (5 people max per training so let us know early please if you plan to attend). We believe that each time you experience a training you learn something new and different despite the content seeming the same.  We find that our students benefit enormously by this opportunity and it is something we very much encourage and welcome as part of our commitment to your learning. If you want to return more than one time we offer further repeats at a minimal fee of £50 per day.


About EFT and IET (Integrated Energy Techniques)

EFT sits very comfortably within IET – you could say it has found its natural home. We are often asked what is the relationship between EFT and IET, and it’s something like the relationship of a wave to the ocean: IET is the powerhouse that allows EFT to really work.

Of course our trainings will give you an EFT qualification but as the pioneers of IET you will get quite a lot more from us - personally as well as professionally. And whether or not you progress to our Diploma training, our EFT training within the IET framework offers a special learning experience. You will be personally trained by The EFT Centre Founders, Sue Beer and Emma Roberts. We create a powerful and fun learning atmosphere enriched by the philosophy of IET. In brief, that means:


  • The premise that Mind creates reality through language and behaviour.

  • The premise that everyone and everything is interconnected.

  • The creative integration of quantum physics, hypnosis, accelerated learning, spirituality, and common sense.…AND…

  • Down to earth teaching with a strong personal connection.


People who get the most out of training with us tend to fall into the following 'learner groups':

  • Those who want it for self help

  • Those who want to become practitioners, are changing career, or are interested in personal or spiritual evolution.

  • Therapists and practitioners who want to keep up to date with new advances.

We offer a warm welcome to everyone and always find that each 'group' has something to offer the other.


Here are some really good reasons to train with The EFT Centre:

  • We are EFT Founding Masters

  • We are experienced practising therapists

  • We have trained and worked extensively with EFT Founder, Gary Craig

  • We offer a FREE repeat of all our Level 1, 2 and 3 trainings 



Note: While EFT seems to have supported remarkable changes in many emotional and physical issues to date, it should not be used instead of appropriate medical care. You should always consult your doctor before using any form of self-treatment.


The EFT Centre Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations made with over 28 days notice will receive a full refund. 

Cancellations made 14 - 28 days prior to a training will receive a 50% refund. 

Cancellations made less that 14 days prior to a training will not receive a refund. 

If you wish to transfer your booking to a future course this will be subject to a £25 administration fee.