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How to Heal Emotional Patterns:  Damien Senn and Emma discuss tapping to transform stuck emotional patterns.

Why EFT can seem not to work: Gary Williams ( talks to Emma, Carol Look, Jacqui Crooks and Maggie Adkins about what to do when EFT seems not to work.

Problem-solving:  In this conference call recording Sue and Emma discuss using heart-based EFT for problem solving.

Living Energy Day 2010: Emma joins EFT Founding Master Andy Bryce to talk about her journey with EFT.

Breakthrough Fear and Self Doubt:  Emma talks with James Nsien about EFT for Fear and Self Doubt at this 2014 online summit.

Sue on Working in Partnership: Sue on Working in Partnership.

Getting Clients and Working with Groups: Getting Clients and Working with Groups.

How to Overcome Shame: How to overcome shame - Emma Roberts

Is Massive Change too Good to be True:  Sue Beer (Social Anxiety Solutions Podcast No 8)






Diploma in Integrated Energy Techniques: Some of our 2013 IET Diploma with NLP Certification students give their feedback.

Why train with us: Sue and Emma discuss their trainings what they offer their students.

Opening to Love Workshop: Sue and Emma talk about this powerful self-development workshop.

EFT Trainings: Sue and EFT Founding Master Carol Look discuss the importance of getting the 'right' EFT training.

Inner RePatterning:  Emma talks to EFT Founding Master Tania Prince about her Inner RePatterning Technique (




Health Issues

AddictionsEFT Founding Master Carol Look ( talks to Sue about her 5 stage addiction recovery programme.

Uncovering the Roots of AddictionSue presents at the 2012 AAMET Conference.

Smoking: Sue discusses tapping for smoking cessation.

EFT for Cancer Support: Jess Ortner ( talks to Emma about supporting the emotional journey is part of any cancer diagnosis.

Cancer:  EFT Founding Master Carol Look ( talks to Emma about EFT, cancer and emotions. 

Cancer: EFT Founding Master Tania Prince talks to Emma about her work with cancer.

Cancer: Emma presents on working with cancer at the 2007 EFT Masterclass.  This audio includes a live demo.

M.E.:  Emma talks to Sarah Marshall about her work with EFT and M.E.

Fertility:  Sue talks to Emma about using EFT to work with fertility issues.

Fertility:  EFT Founding Master Tania Prince and Emma discuss her presentation (with her colleague Emma Cannon author of The Baby Making Bible) at the 2010 London Masterclass.

Pain:  Sue takes part in a panel discussion on pain at the 2007 EFT International Masterclass. With EFT Founding Masters Tam Llewellyn, Karl Dawson and Dr Inci Erkin.

Allergies:  Emma talks to Israel's Ilana Weiler ( about her work with EFT and Allergies.

Using the Heart Anchor to promote healing - Emma leads a group demonstration.





Opening to Love: Sue discusses her work around relationships and Love in the bigger sense, and how we can all learn to experience it.

Opening to Love:  EFT Founding Master Tania Prince interviews Sue on her work with EFT, Love and Power.




Note: While EFT seems to have supported remarkable changes in many emotional and physical issues to date, it should not be used instead of appropriate medical care. You should always consult your doctor before using any form of self-treatment.